Travels that we have selected for you!

DISCOVER MONTENEGRO presents trips that we have prepared for those who love adventure, active holyday, pristine nature, photography. The idea that we followed in the preparation of these trips is to give to the small groups of true nature lovers the opportunity to experience unusual trip.

Montenegro, the last jewel of the disturbed nature in Europe, opens its doors and shows a completely unexpected treasure in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Trips are planned as a 10-day event, in which can enjoy both adventurers and athletes - as well as active people, photography lovers - everybody who looks for relaxation in the unspoiled nature.

ADVENTURE Montenegro

ACTIVE holiday

PHOTO safari

BIKE tour Montenegro


EXTREME Montenegro

BOTANICAL expedition

HISTORICAL expedition

Each program can be extended with a 4 day holiday on the Adriatic coast, in good, small hotel, with national cuisine. Also, with each program travel preferences, we can arrange in the same time the group for the "ACTIVE HOLIDAY", if our guests wants to bring their family/escort who are not interested for adventure activities.



Biel, Switzerland

I take this opportunity to sincerly thank:

* Dejan and Regina who came up with this adventure trip idea. The adventure programme was very well balanced, interesting and sometimes challenging. Although Dejan, you could not do all the things as planned, I promise, I will do all the missed parts with you my buddy and maybe even more - you have my word on it. You are also weapon grade stuff!

* Special thanks for the Organization, the driving around and finding for us very good and professional guides. The introduction to Montenegrin cuisine was excellent although smaller portions would have done it as well. Thanks also for the videos, the cutting and editing and all the nice pics.


To answer to all the wishes - we have prepared several different travel programs, and locations for all activities are provided in the following areas: