Tara is formed from two rivers - Opasanica and Verusa below the mountain Komovi. The last 40 km of the river Tara is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in several places makes the border between the two countries. In Šćepan Polje, along with the Piva River constitutes the Drina River. It is known as the “Tear of Europe”. In the upper course of the river water can be free to drink. The Tara canyon is 1333 m deep which makes it the deepest in Europe and second in the world, after the Colorado River canyon. Tara is 146.4 km long, with an average fall of 4.5 m/km, with a catchment area of 1853 square kilometers.

Most of the Tara River (including its canyon) is under the UNESCO protection as a part of the Durmitor National Park.

This river is ideal for rafting and fishing (especially in the end of Kolasin where it is ideal for fly-fishing). The most attractive part for rafting is in the last 25 km of the river and the canyon of Tara.


Nevidio is part of Little Komarnica, which springs at the foot of the southern part of Durmitor precisely in Dobri Dol. Immersed passes between Boljske beam (2091m.nv) and Lojanik (2091m.nv) to re-appear in a gentle valley of the river as a permanent river.

Surrounding the entrance is one of the most beautiful in the Durmitor area. The beauty of this region makes the village Poscenje with two glacial lakes, periodic waterfall Skakavica that the seventy-meter high rock scatters water Grabovica, which flows into Komarnica

Remote and hidden in the inaccessible terrain caused the attention and curiosity, but there was little organized attempt to get to know and explore. The first serious attempts made in 1957 and 1964 and they were unsuccessful. There were endless strange and fantastic stories about the last unconquered canyon of Europe. That was until August 1965 when members H.S. Javorak from Niksic, although with meager equipment, the canyon and passed first introduced the world long hidden, wild and stunning beauty.

The first contact with Nevidio overshadows indescribable beauty, unusual and strange that the man was not accustomed. Much of the canyon is located in the eternal shadows. Because of the vertical rock sun rays can not reach the bottom. On steep and inaccessible rocks are prevailing harsh conditions for the vegetation so that the canyon can tell that the gem cruel nature that is both heaven and hell. Width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter. Some parts of the canyon pass only with climbing equipment.

Today Nevidio finds its place in the brochures as a unique tourist attraction. The unique beauty of the Strait, cascades and sparkling cascades which keeps canyon Nevidio is reason enough to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro. However, although does not require special physical readiness, passing through the canyon is not allowed without a licensed guide.


Moraca is the river in Montenegro. It originates in northern Montenegro, under the mountain Rzac It is long 113 kilometers and runs from north to south. It flows into Skadar Lake.

In its northern part, Moraca is a fast mountain river, and cuts a canyon north of Podgorica. After merging with its largest tributary, Zeta, north of Podgorica, Moraca enters the Zeta valley. It flows through the plains of Montenegro until it empties into Lake Skadar.

Moraca is relatively small river, just over 100 m wide and mostly shallow, and therefore its flow is not changed. Its canyon is part of the main road through which we come to Montenegrin coast and Podgorica, and the northern part of Montenegro and Serbia.