Itinerary BOTANICAL TOUR is suited for nature lovers, but also professional botanists and biologists. The goal of this tour is the gathering of a small group of people with similar interests, willing to spend their vacation in advancing their hobby or profession - botanic.

Itinerary is a combination of lectures about the flora of Montenegro, and practical exercises at selected locations. The guide is dr.sci. Danijela Stešević, Professor at University of Podgorica - one of the largest Montenegrin experts in this field.

Also, group members can take their family or friends (who are not interested in botanic) with them on the trip. For them, we organize light activities each day (walking, riding, photographic trips, swimming, etc).


  • Arrival in Montenegro
    Transfer to Herceg Novi. Tour of the city. Transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 1: Orjen
    Lectures and field work at the location Vrbanj.
  • Day 2: Kotor
    Tour of Perast and Kotor, climb the city walls. Lectures and field work at the location Vrmac.
  • Day 3: Boka Bay & Luštica peninsula
    Tour of Herceg Novi fortress: Forte Mare, Kanli Kula, Španjola. A boat cruise on the bay, with a stop at the fortress Mamula, Arza, and Forte Rose. Lectures and field work at the location Žanjic.
  • Day 4: Tour of Durmitor lakes
    After breakfast, transfer to Zabljak. Walking tour from Zabljak - Black Lake - Barno lake - Jablan lake - Momcilo's City - Zabljak. Lectures and field work at the location Barno lake.
  • Day 5: Piva Lake cruising
    A trip to Plužine, with a cruise on the Piva lake. Lectures and field work at the location Pišće.
  • Day 6: Cycling - Durmitor
    Bicycle tour of Durmitor plateau, from Zabljak - Njegovudja - Jezerine - Zabljak. Lectures and field work at the location Zminičko jezero.
  • Day 7: Rafting Tara
    A day trip to the river Tara. Rafting with rubber rafts, with a length of 16 km. The duration of rafting 4-5 hours. Tasting local specialties in the restaurant "Zvono" in Plužine. Lectures and field work in the Tara canyon.
  • Day 8: Biogradska Gora
    Lectures and field work at the locations Biogradska Gora and Biogradsko lake.
  • Day 9: Bar - Ulcinj
    Lectures and field work at the locations Ulcinjska Solana (Ulcinj's saltworks) and the hinterland of Velika Plaža (Long Beach).
  • Day 10: Cruising - Skadar Lake
    Visiting the monastery and a fortress on the Skadar Lake. Lectures and field work on Skadar Lake.
  • Departure from Montenegro
    After breakfast, transfer to the airport. Optional - transfer to hotel and rest on the sea shore next 4 days.


HARD: 10%


EASY: 50%





ALL INCLUSIVE. Group size 5-7 persons.

The package includes:

  • accommodation in small, clean hotels or ethno villages, the number of beds in a room adapted to the needs of customers;
  • breakfast buffet with Montenegrin specialties;
  • dry meal, snack, fruit, snack - for each of the trips;
  • dinner composed of exquisite Montenegrin specialties, taking into account that the maximum use of local food directly from local farms.
  • all transfers, as well as support vehicle on all day trips;
  • professional guide / instructor;

The package price does not include:

  • travel to Montenegro;
  • travel insurance;
  • personal photo equipment.


  • instead any actions the customer may choose a day of rest at the hotel with a walk in the area, and in this case there is no right to return part of the payment - regardless of the reasons;
  • the proposed 10-day tour can be extended to 14 days after the completion of the arrangement can optionally be staying for 4 days at the hotel on the sea, on a half board basis.