A team that will organize you a trip of a Lifetime!

In the further text we will specify a list of specialists from various fields, in charge to make your trip unforgettable and safe. At the same time, it will be a chance to find a lot of new information about Montenegro, but also to learn some new techniques of sports and recreational activities.

Please note that our team consists of trained, licensed, experienced and communicative competent people. Also, the equipment that will be used during this unforgettable adventure is high quality equipment of renowned manufacturers in the world.

We provided medical escorts for the first aid in case of injury in any of he activities, as well as transport to the nearest health institution - in case of serious injury or illness.


For hiking activities we provide the best equipment and two guides. The first one is the specialist for free climbing on steep cliffs, and the other one is the best connoisseur of mountains that you will visit during this time, with 30-years- hiking experience.


Rafting on Tara River is the most famous adventure in Montenegro. Tara River is the cleanest river of Europe, and its canyon is the highest in Europe and the second highest in the world. Rafting is completely safe for visitors during the period from May to October each year. Group is guided by experienced team of rafters, using high-tech equipment.


A transit through the canyons is demanding adventure. To avoid dangers of this activity, each group is led by experienced, licensed guide. The groups are small, and each member of the group is equipped with top-quality equipment, which includes a wet suit to protect against hypothermia


For bicycle tours we have prepared high quality bikes and protective equipment. The group is accompanied constantly by off-road vehicle, which carries refreshment and food. Also, at any time a member of the group can stop the driving and resume the cycling tours in the vehicle.


For rowing tour on Lake Skadar, we have prepared high-quality equipment. Rowers are accompanied by motorboat, carrying food and refreshments. In the event that some of the rowers wants to shorten the route - at any moment he can turn into a motorboat and reach the finish line in this way.


Diving instructor, with top quality diving equipment for all members of the group, leads the group on a tour of sunken ships. As it will not be going down in great depths - previous experience is not necessary; the instructor after the trial diving, approves descent to the sunken ship to group members individually.


For skiing, we provide professional equipment and experienced instructors, who can hold a basic training for beginners or advanced course for experienced members of the group. The location for skiing is extremely picturesque, and safety equipment and medical escort are provided.


Cruising on Skadar Lake is envisaged in the tourist boat with food and refreshments. Tour of historic and cultural sites is accompanied by an experienced guide with tasting of local wines and experienced cooks prepare for guests a range of local specialties.